Sweden always had a special place in my heart. Maybe because I am firmly convinced my future husband is going to be Swedish. I mean boy, they are tall, blond, with pale skin and blue eyes, hairy and Viking-like. Men designed by God's hands for myself. And God designed for them the most beautiful country. With canals and green hills and nature wonders ! And Swedish are all about organic, healthy food. Heaven on Earth for a veggie like me.


I watched many reports about the Chernobyl disaster this year as 2016 marked the 30th anniversary of the disaster. If you don't know where this is going, just keep reading. Watching these reports, I learnt that beside Ukraine, the most radiated country after the catastrophe was surprisingly Norway. I watched documentary about how the green hills and landscapes of Norway sealed radiations in the soil and reindeers are suffering from it. Strangely, it convinced me to go and have a look to this amazing land.


I met several Romanians in my early 20s. I even dated one for a couple of days haha But at that time, I was not really interested in Romania and central Europe in fact. I was all about the US. I even declined an invitation to Romania from a friend. It really hurt her feelings. But after interrailing the very same year, I discovered the wonders of Central Europe. The farest I went to was Budapest in Hungary but now I want to go even further. I want to travel to Romania, go to the beaches of the Black Sea, visit medieval towns and castle - including Dracula's one - and drive through the Transylvania forests looking for wolves. If I listened to myself, I would interrail again from Poland then Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece. Oh why the Earth so big ?

Where are you travelling to next ?

Armelle De Oliveira

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  1. I'm Romanian born and raised and was never truly interested in exploring, so I don't blame you! But over the summer I went on this amazing trip through Transylvania and wow - it's really worth visiting! Such beautiful, unique places <3



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